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Repairing and Restoring a Leaking Single Ply Roof

Types of Single Ply Roof Systems:

  • Modified Bitumen
  • PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
  • EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
  • TPO – Thermoplastic Polyolefin

The natural aging process of TPO / PVC Single Ply Systems is oxidation of the protective top Scrim Coat.  The Scrim is the woven component of Single Ply Sheets.  When the top protective Scrim Coat oxidizes away, the Single Ply Scrim is exposed to the elements and quickly deteriorates.

Single Ply Roofs do not have the redundancy of multi-ply roofs and can develop leaks due to poor installation, lack of maintenance, ponding water, punctures and shrinkage.

Leaks in single ply roofs are difficult to isolate and a seamless elastomeric roof coating system is the best alternative to roof replacement.

Avoid the high cost of replacement.
Add 10 or more years of life to your Single Ply Roof.

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Extend the Warranty on your Single Ply Roof

Our Single Ply Roofing Contractors install Elastomeric Coating Systems to replace the oxidized Top Scrim Coating totally restoring the system and protecting the Scrim from the elements.

If you have an older Single Ply Roof System( TPO, PVC, EPDM) that is a few years out of Warranty and has not reached the point of "No Return", you can restore your roof to a better than new condition with the enactment of a complete restoration using one of our Customized Elastomeric Systems.

We provide customized specification of Elastomeric Coating Systems that are designed to double the life of your existing Single Ply and provide you with a Full Value Manufacturer's 10, 15 or 20 year Warranty.

Install over Metal, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply Membrane and Built-Up (BUR) roofing systems. These coatings are an affordable way to protect the integrity of your low slope roofs while dramatically extending the service life and obtaining Full Value Manufacturer's Labor and Material Warranties.

Don't let neglect cost you up to $1,000,000 of unnecessary
roof replacement costs.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see if your Single Ply Roof System qualifies for one of our Customized Restoration Systems.

Single Ply Roof Restoration at USMD Hospital, Arlington, Texas: view slideshow View Project Slideshow

Elastomeric Coating Benefits - The most cost effective alternative to roof replacement

  • Roof Protection:  Elastomeric Coatings seal the roof surface, protecting it from rain and wind damage.  The elastomers resist deterioration from dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Energy Efficient:  White is the most common color for elastomeric roof coatings because it reduces thermal transfer by reflecting searing hot sunrays away from the roof.  This cool roof reflectivity lets your HVAC unit run less, saving you on utility bills and prolonging the life of the units. Achieve Tax Credits with our Specified Energy Star Rated line of products.
  • Coating Cost: Elastomeric coatings cost less than other roofing systems. You can save money while extending the life of your roof 10 years or more.  Save thousands of dollars vs. the costs of replacement procedures.
  • Quick Installation: Elastomeric coatings go on quickly.  There is little to No Odor.  Low Noise. Your facility won't be disrupted for weeks on end. 
  • LEED Credits:  Cool roofs that contain elastomers can help meet LEED, Energy Star and other energy code requirements.  In addition a cool roof reduces Urban Heat Island effect benefiting your community as well.
  • Structural Benefits:  Elastomeric roof coatings do not add dead weight to the roof so there is no detrimental effect to your building's structure.
  • Roofs Last Longer:  The rubbers like properties of elastomeric coatings expand when warmed by the summer sun and they return to their original state as they cool down after sunset.  This intrinsic memory reduces the risk of hardening and cracking so your roof lasts longer.
  • Full Value Manufacturer's Labor and Material Warranties