Fort Worth Commercial Roof Inspection

This important first step will determine if your roof needs to be replaced, restored or repaired. This is why we devote an adequate amount of time to evaluate the condition of your roof.

Visual Roof InspectionCommercial Roof Inspection Process

  • Measurement of roof
  • Overall inspection of membrane and conditions
  • Examine all parapet walls, flashings, counterflashings and copings
  • Examine all perimeter edge details
  • Inspect all rooftop equipment, projections, vents and HVAC units
  • Inspect all drain assemblies
  • Photograph all conditions
  • On non-warranted roofs, core cuts are taken to determine insulation information, deck material and condition
  • Wall conditions are noted
  • All deviancies are noted on a field diagram

How Often Should A Flat Roof, Metal Roof or Commercial Roof Be Inspected?

It depends on the slope of your roof. A low slope roof (up to 3:12 slope) the suggested frequency is twice a year. For a steep slope roof (in excess of a 3:12 slope) inspect once a year. This doesn’t eliminate the need to inspect drainage devices, such as gutters and downspouts, on steep slope roofs, on a biannual basis.

When Is The Best Time For A Commercial Roof Inspection in Fort Worth?

It is best to inspect your roof before you plan your budget. Plan one inspection so that you receive the inspection reports and corresponding budget forecasts at the beginning of your budgeting process. It is also common when planning biannual inspections to conduct them in the spring or fall. Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas experience severe hail storms in the spring and intense heat during the summer months which can damage your roof and alter its life expectancy.



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