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Projects - Modified Bitumen Roof Maintenance - Energy Saving
Reflective Roof Coating

Mesquite Data Center

Location: Mesquite, Texas

Project: Modified Bitumen Roof Maintenance

Summary: The Modified Bitumen Roof Systems we design offer the benefits of the elasticity of a single-ply roof and the durability of a built-up roof. Since there is no gravel surfacing, inspection is easy and leaks are easier to find and repair. But the idea that modified bitumen roof systems will take care of themselves is false. No roof, even with proper design, materials and installation will achieve maximum useful life without maintenance.

The first step in establishing a preventive maintenance program is to inspect the roof. During our inspection of this Modified Bitumen Roof System we discovered the overall integrity of the roof system was still viable but hail storms had caused a major loss of the protective granule surface. The granule surface is to protect the roof mat from the destructive effective of UV rays.

Our recommendation was to coat this roof with a high quality reflective roof coating. This application of a cool roof coating will increase the life of this Modified Bitumen Roof System and help improve the energy efficiency of the building.

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